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Freshly Caught Crabs for a Cause

Our mission is simple, feed people in need, reduce stress on families, spread positivity and encourage others to do the same. All crabs are delivered straight from our boats within hours of being caught to shelters, rescues and families. Catches are always distributed to the communities surrounding where we drop our pots. 100% of our sustainably caught crab are donated to those who need it. Our revenue is generated from advertisements on our show and support from viewers like you! 

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Cause Crabs was founded by Patty Mayo in 2021 after seeing the devastating effects COVID-19 has taken on peoples paychecks and subsequently their dinner tables. The show follows Patty as he transitions from bounty hunter to professional seamen with big aspirations to help others. Unexpected challenges and hard lessons will test Patty’s dedication and commitment to the mission. Will the worlds 2nd most dangerous job prove to be too much? 

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Range (170 MILES)
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We’ve modified a 25′ former U.S Coast Guard boat into the worlds fastest & safest sport crabbing boat.

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